Ideas encountered along the way...

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift," ~Bob Samples

"We have a tendency to resort to the path of least resistance, which means we start copying the information instead of interpreting. More skill, unfortunately, means more of an ability to render - not always a good thing," ~Carolyn Anderson


"What is called effect in painting consists in sacrificing many things for a few," ~Sir Charles Eastlake

“I don’t think a painting is a record of a conception or a perception for that matter. It is a free standing thing, an entity onto itself, not a documentation of anything,” ~Alex Kanevsky

"Nelson was the ambassador of urgent achievement. He did not advocate for emulation of his painting practice, except in cultivating a fearless and adventurous attitude. Studio Incamminati is a four-year conservatory, originally conceived as an echo of his technical principles. Each of our students will connect with the principles in his or her own manner and use them to discover a personal methodology within. I deeply admire that Nelson saw the effect that principles, rather than methods, would have on our students," -Dan Thompson on Nelson Shanks and Studio Incamminati

"In those days I wanted to paint like Andrew Wyeth. But there is only one Andrew Wyeth, and so I went on to try and find Charles Reid," - from Painting What You Want to See by Charles Reid

"Their dignity is unassailable, for the service is rendered for its own sake-it is the task, not the employer, that is served. As Buddhists, they know that the doing matters more than the attainment or reward, that to serve in this selfless way is to be free," from Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen

"The most beautiful emotion we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead, a snuffed-out candle. To sense that behind anything that can be experienced there is something that our minds cannot grasp, whose beauty and sublimity reaches us only indirectly: this is religiousness. In this sense, and in this sense only, I am a devoutly religious man," -from What I Believe by Albert Einstein

"If we look finely enough at our world the continuity of space and time will dissolve as surely as the smoothness of material gives way to the discrete world of molecules and atoms," -from Three Roads to Quantum Gravity by Lee Smolin

"The minute you start drawing, you've left reality. You're now working in a code and you have to learn that language," -Myron Barnstone

"The trouble with a lot of students, and professional painters too, is that they try to register the shifts of color within a mass before they've gotten the mass itself. The shifts don't 'hold' and all you have is a bunch of spots. The painting looks as if you threw a pile of colored feathers at the canvas and they stuck. Everything falls apart," - Henry Hensche

"The design makes the picture, not the subject or material. Light and shadow in itself produces design. The big form makes the subject carry and appear solid, not the incidental forms," -Andrew Loomis

"Ever keep the big things in view. Simplicity is the greatest virtue, and the last achieved in any art," - Solomon J. Solomon

"It must be determined at once what kind of light we are working with, for its nature and quality and the direction from which it comes will affect the entire appearance of the form," -Andrew Loomis

"He now knows that a living illusion is not enhanced by rigid draperies accentuated equally throughout, but that movement is imparted by free handling, that real texture of surfaces was more perfectly suggested by colour and tone-relations than by minute imitation of the passages detached from the general envelopment," - Solomon J. Solomon on Velazquez

"One of my basic notions for a long, long time is that there is this mysterious mountain out there called reality. We novelists are always trying to climb it. We are mountaineers, and the question is, Which face do you attack? Different faces call for different approaches, and some demand a knotty and convoluted interior style. Others demand great simplicity. The point is that style is an attack on the nature of reality," ~Norman Mailer

“Even with his gashed and emaciated frame, his beauty was remarkable,” Min Jin Lee from Pachinko

The gulf between people's  carnal desires and the irresistible appeals of an unattainable ideal often drives human tragedy.


There are issues that no artist can ignore: truth, motivation, transience, solitude and nothingness.


Art enhances reality with the resources of the imagination.


Human relationships are fraught with contradictions and misunderstandings; egotism and hypocrisy all too frequently destroy any real friendship or love.


Mood and atmosphere are as essential to a narrative as plot or action.


Symmetry and counterpoint are basic stylistic features.


"We are not what we say, we are the credence others give us," Jose Saramago


The best words of all are those that say nothing.


"We are vanity and cannot endure, but the mirror endures, the same, because it rejects us," Jose Saramago The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis"


"Here there is merely a suggestion, should he wish to lie down, his bed is ready. Not just yet, first he must read the one and a half stanzas he left on the sheet of paper, examine them critically, look for the door that this key, if key it is, can open, and imagine other doors beyond, doors locked and without a key," Jose Saramago, The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis"


"Over the great nakedness of truth, the diaphanous cloak of imagination," Jose Saramago.


There is a vast internal landscape inside each of us, and with regard to making art, intuition is the vehicle for its exploration.